Help is on the way for injured lone workers

with WebeyeSOS security alarm

Who will help when you

when your personal safety is compromised?

Lone Worker Security

Staff can raise the alarm and give their location

webeye staff safety

The WebeyeSOS smartphone based security app gives your staff the ability to raise the alarm immediately if they are threatened, injured or become suddenly ill. The alarm receiver knows who has sent the alarm and where they are located through Google maps.

Frontline Staff Security

Practical training to help you keep your people safe

Give your staff market leading threat de-escalation and crisis resilience training to help prepare them mentally for potential challenges they face when carrying out their daily work.

Home+Family Security

Options for home and family safety and security

Cloud based home security solutions to help protect your home and those that live in it. The WebeyeSOS smartphone based security app is perfect for keeping tabs on the family when they are out and about.